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The main fashionistas of our time
Video course- $25.

The author’s webinar of Elen, about the main icons of the modern style, the most iconic and unique girls and women – celebrities, designers, bloggers, who at the same time define and reflect modern fashion. They have a lot to learn and to adopt.

Macrotrends of modern fashion
Video course – $25.

The author’s webinar of Elen about the main macro trends of modern fashion is all that will develop
and set the direction for the development of fashion in 2020. It is important to know, understand and find “your” trends.

Video course: STYLE.PRO. FIGURES

Unique online course – a set of secrets and rules for working with a figure. You will learn how to make a figure with any features look beautiful, modern, advantageous.

Five webinars of Elen 2019
Only 10$. – 2 weeks

Copyright webinars of Elen for 2019.

  • Five webinars
  • 10 hours of video material
  • Ability to watch lessons online anytime.
  • 14 days access